windjammer farm

The Idea
royals pet pad
at Windjammer Farm

Due to the economic struggles facing animal owners, myself included, after abandoning the idea of a boarding facility here, I decided to do something to help others... other animals... people with animals... who knows what else. The need to retire horses has grown, and the need to help people keep their beloved animals is still very overwhelming. So how about a retirement/rescue barn with a hayloft filled with animal supplies offered at low cost/free that people in need can come to, like a food pantry? A Bed & Breakfast that is animal friendly where you can bring your pets? Or just traveling through? That's ok too. This property with the 2800 sq ft. hayloft, the pastures, the pond, the barn, the location I feel are the PERFECT fit for the needs of this project, only time has run out. We are seeking emergency funding to back this project. If you are an animal lover and can help please contact Kim Williams (203) 623-8223 or contact us through the Contact Us Form

  • In process to get 501c3 for Windjammer Farm/B&B/Royal's Pet Pad

“Royal's Pet Pad” (like a food pantry) will provide items of need for sale at a very reduced rate, funded by donations. The farm will have "Parties" for people to come and peruse through and buy what they need. People must become members: ie: Donation/Member and register to tell us their story, so we get to know each and every need to see how we can help. (This is also to discourage the shopper looking for a deal and also so the town doesn't say you are running a STORE). They will be invited to these parties like a "Tupperware Party".

We can also have 4 tag sales a year and would take advantage of that.

1 - To help animals in need
2 - Help people keep their animals

5 Acre Farm
12 Stall Barn
2800 sq ft hayloft for store & office

How We Can Help:
1 - To provide low cost / free animal & pet food & supplies
2 - To provide homes for up to 5 rescue / retirement horses
3 - To start an animal friendly B&B offering overnight stays for people traveling with their horses and animals
4 - Hold clinics to teach kids about animals, etc.

Our Needs:
1 - Financial: To secure funding to purchase the property
2 - General clean up in paddocks and barn
3 - Some fencing repair
4 - Some new fencing
5 - Make hayloft usable for store & parties
6 - Need farm equipment
7- Add viewing area in back area to make a nicer tack room &wash room

1 - Stabling for horses with individual turn outs
2 - Huge hayloft for animal supplies
3 - Pond filled with nature and wildlife for relaxation and enjoyment
4 - Property is with in short distance of major trails
5 - Close to Goodspeed Opera House, Hartford, Middletown, New Haven, The shoreline, Casinos & Outlet Shopping
6 - Horse shoe pits
7 - Picnic table and several seating areas around pond
8 - Private Deck in back of house

If you can help with any donation, items we can use to sell or give away or any kind of financial donation we will be very very grateful. If you even know someone who might be able to help, that would also be terrific. We so want to save this place, relieve the current owners from the stress it has created for them and build a home to many animals and help as many others as we can.

Thank you very very much...
Kim, Tito, Royal, Regal, Chloe, Ariel, Tyson, Lulu, Dina & Stretch