Since the day we came here, we have been working on beautifying this property. Sadly neglected, I couldn't stand to just not do anything and with the hopes of making this a spectacular farm, I kept on going. Even after everyone said to me, "Why would you do that when it is not your property?" I said, "Well, it needs to be done, I like the work and maybe someday I will own it. But standing around looking at it isn't going to help anyone". There are many many more pictures that are really quite amazing, which I will post later on in the gallery. These pages are just to give you a small idea of what we have accomplished here. It has won us no brownie points for rent. It is purely for my own satisfaction that I could actually try to turn this place around.

Project Backyard Project Barn Drive Project Barn Project Barn Inside Project Barn Left Project Barn Left
backyard barn drive front barn inside barn left barn left
Project Barn Left Project Barn Right Project Front Left Project Front Right Project Parking Project Parking
barn right barn left front left front right parking parking
Project Pasture Project Payloader Project Peninsula Project Pond Project Swamp  
pasture payloader peninsula pond swamp  

Thank you to:
Our "Angel" Sue, Tito Ciotti, Eileen Wilkinson, Annie Ahearn, Billy Ryder, Brian's Trees, Jim Vandervalk, Scot Buckingham, Ron aka "Studly", Ron Gretta, Craig Hartsen, Joan Newberry, Robert Rakowski & Howie, Cindy Miller & Mike, Ryan Torres, our landlords and who ever else I might have forgotten because I am exhausted right now! You have ALL been such tremendous people who have helped us and the animals.

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